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University of Pittsburgh
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The Pittsburgh Lymphedema Family Study is one of the most important research programs unraveling the genetic causes of lymphedema. The study has identified four of the seven known genes causing inherited lymphedema. Many individuals visiting this web site are study participants and have been critical to the success of this research.

To build upon these achievements, in the face of government research allocation cuts, funding from private sources is urgently needed. Please consider supporting this important work through a generous financial gift.

  1. On line donations may be made at Give to Pitt (, and selecting an amount.
  2. Continue to page 2 and choose "Pittsburgh Lymphedema Family Study" in the check box.

Please send gifts by check made payable to "University of Pittsburgh" and noting "Pittsburgh Lymphedema Family Study" in the memo line to:

University of Pittsburgh
Graduate School of Public Health
130 DeSoto Street, Suite A631
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

For more information and other giving options, please contact the Director of Development, Kristen de Paor, at 412-624-5639 or .

Thank you for making the Pittsburgh Lymphedema Family Study possible. With your help, we are developing an understanding of the genetic causes of lymphedema, which, one day, may lead to breakthroughs in treatment and possibly cure.

For more information about the study and eligibility requirements, please call (412) 624-4659 or (800) 263-2152. Please direct email inquiries to . Please be sure to include the word "LYMPHEDEMA" in the subject line of any email sent to this address.

Lymphedema Family Study
University of Pittsburgh
Department of Human Genetics
A300 Crabtree Hall, GSPH
130 De Soto Street
Pittsburgh PA, 15261

Phone: (412) 624-4659 or (800) 263-2152

(Please be sure to include the word "LYMPHEDEMA" in your subject line)