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University of Pittsburgh
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Welcome to the Lymphedema Family Study at the University of Pittsburgh. The goal of this project is to identify genes responsible for primary (or inherited) lymphedema, also known as Milroy's and Meige's Disease. Lymphedema affects millions of individuals worldwide. Although the vast majority of these people suffer from secondary lymphedema, identification of the genes involved in primary lymphedema could help provide insight into the cause of the disease, identify new strategies for its treatment, and contribute to early identification of individuals at risk. Click on the links above for information about the investigators, frequently asked questions about this condition, information about the inheritance of primary lymphedema, an update of our research, related research we are conducting on secondary lymphedema, and listings of our references and other lymphedema websites. This study does not involve diagnosis or treatment of lymphedema, and it was not designed to provide any direct benefit to the participants. However, it is our hope that it will benefit many lymphedema patients in the future.

Contact us

If you and at least one other family member have primary lymphedema OR you are the only one with lymphedema in your family but your diagnosis has been established by a physician, and you would like more information on how to become involved in the Lymphedema Family Study, please contact the coordinator of this study, , M.S., CGC, at the address or phone number below.

Lymphedema Family Study
University of Pittsburgh
Department of Human Genetics
A300 Crabtree Hall, GSPH
130 De Soto Street
Pittsburgh PA, 15261

Phone: (412) 624-4659 or (800) 263-2152

(Please be sure to include the word "LYMPHEDEMA" in your subject line)